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Hirade E-9 Classical Guitar

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Builder: Takamine Guitars.
Model: Hirade E-9.
Serial Number: 86061099. Constructed in June 1986.
Case/Gigbag: Original Takamine hardshell case, brown exterior, padded royal blue interior.

Scale Length: 26 inches.
Neck Shape: Modified 'C' Shape.
Width at Nut: 2 inches.
String Width at Bridge: 2 5/16 inches.
Overall Length: 39 inches.
Widest: 14 1/2 inches.
Weight: 4 1/2 pounds.

Neck: Solid mahogany with angled headstock, matching rosewood veneer facing.
Fingerboard: Rosewood. nineteen frets, white bone nut. Note-the fingerboard wood is extremely dark and we beleive it to be ebony, however the builder specs rosewood.
Body: Solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides, co
ntoured cutaway body style with round sound hole.
Finish: Lacquered gloss.

Bridge: One piece rosewood.
Tuners: MOP with gold decorative lyre design plate
Strap buttons: One at the butt of the guitar, also functions as the input, chrome finish.
Outputs: 1/4" mono.

Pickup: Palathetic, six individual piezo transducers embedded in the bridge plate.
Controls: One gain, one bass, one middle, one treble, sliding faders with center detent for the bass, mid and treble, five decibel shelving.

Preamp: Takamine N4B, nine volt power supply.

Fret wear: Light.
Superficial wear:Two small dings on the top of the headstock which slightly discolor the finish, as well as a similar one on the bottom edge of the headstock. Two small dings on the face of the headstock, that slightly discolor the finish.
A small area of belt buckle scratches on the back of the body, about six inches away from the top edge of the heel. About eight small dings around the sides of the body at various locations, that once again, slightly discolor the finish. Two indentions in the top of the body about one inch long, These are really not very noticeable unless viewed at a certain angle to the light.
Deep wear:
Other: None.
Hardware wear: None.
Pickups wear: N/A.
Overall Condition: Excellent.

Purchasing information.
Asking price: $1,000.
Consignment: No.
Trades Considered? No.
Offers Considered? No.
Location (contact): BunnyBass- NC (Jimmy or Kim) 1-877-437-1597 (Jimmy) 1-866-227-7436 (Kim) Toll Free in the U.S.

    The Takamine company, which first started as a small family business, has been offering fine quality guitars to players worldwide for well over forty years.This E-9 Hirade guitar is the older designation of the HE-9 instrument and bears the name of the great design talent Mass Hirade who joined Takamine in 1968. The world famous classical guitars first made popular by Takamine were followed in 1978 by the introduction of the acoustic/electric models. The innovative palathetic pickups are an integral part of the guitar and from their location in the bridge plate sense both string and soundboard vibrations. The slider control style for the preamp was another pioneering innovation from the design team at Takamine. Acoustically the E-9 achieves a full resonant sound combined with a good comfortable body and neck feel. The preamp offers the player the ability to tailor the sound of the instrument even more with the five decibel cut or boost for bass, mid or treble. A well preserved and cared for instrument such as this is a pleasure to find. The eighteen years of age that this guitar has accumulated, have done nothing to diminish the potential years of future years of enjoyment that could be realized by a new owner.

This instrument is documented in the BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archive.


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