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Gibson 1957 ES 175D Six String Spanish Electric

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Builder: Gibson Guitars
Model: ES 175D
Serial Number: A 26458
Case/Gig bag: Archcraft 303 plush-lined case. All of the hardware on the case exhibits heavy tarnishing. The latches are not as tight as they once were, but other than this everything is as it should be.

Scale Length: 24-3/4 inches.
Neck Shape: Oval.
Width at Nut: 1-5/8 inches.
String Width at Bridge: 2-1/16 inches.
Overall Length: 41 inches.
Widest: 16-1/4 inches.
Weight: 7 pounds.

Neck: One piece mahogany, joined to the body at the 14th fret, adjustable truss rod, angled head stock, black gloss finish on the front, double bound.
Fingerboard: Rosewood, 20 frets (not the original frets), slotted block pearl inlays, white bone nut.
Body: Hollow body, arch top and back, double f-holes, maple back and top, matching rims, florentine cutaway, double bound.
Finish: Sunburst finish.

Bridge: One piece rosewood, compensated, adjustable for string height.
Tuners: Kluson Deluxe-original vintage appointments.
Strap buttons:
Original Gibson buttons.
Outputs: 1/4" mono.

Pickup: Two hum bucking pickups, nickel plated finish. Notes about the pickups-the bass pickup has a PAF (patent applied for) sticker on the underside. The treble pickup has no sticker. The bass pickup does not have the full output volume as it should. It is working, but may have a break in the coil wire that will need repair.
Separate tone and volume controls for each pickup, can be preset, toggle switch activates either or both pickups.
Pre amp:

Fret wear: moderate, there may be the need for a fret crowning.
Superficial wear:
There is finish checking (crazing) located around different areas of the top and the back of the guitar. There are three crack lines in the finish about one inch long located around the output jack. Another crack line is located about three inches from the output jack and is about two inches in length. There is a ding about three inches away from the rear plate of the tailpiece, near the edge binding. Another ding is located straight down from the bottom tone control and is approximately 3/4 inches in length.
Deep wear: On the neck, near the head stock, there are two small round gouges that have exposed the wood. Two similar spots are located on the back edge of the head stock at the top edge. On the front of the head stock, around the edges, there are three to four areas that have some loss of the black finish due to some small dings. The neck has some areas where small indent- ions have occurred.

Other: The black pick guard is warped somewhat toward the back area at the rear pickup. Two of the screws holding the rear tailpiece plate do not tighten properly into the body.
Hardware wear: The tailpiece has pitting and a few scratches, All of the machine heads have tarnishing as well as the retaining ring for the toggle switch and the bracket for the pick guard. The bolt holding the pick guard bracket is new. The height adjustment wheels for the rosewood bridge are heavily tarnished.
Pickups wear: Both of the pickups show pitting and tarnishing. The pickup pole pieces and the mounting screws are tarnished and rusted to some degree.
Overall Condition: Excellent.

Purchasing information.
Asking price: $4
Consignment: Yes.
Trades Considered? No.
Offers Considered? Yes.
Location (contact): BunnyBass-NC (Jimmy) 1-877-437-1597-Toll free in the U.S.

     This guitar, which was first introduced by Gibson in 1953, was included in the electric spanish guitars group. The hum bucking pickups were brought along in 1957. This is a fine vintage guitar which still has excellent sound and playability. The guitar shows no signs of heavy abuse, just the normal wear and tear of an instrument that is forty seven years young. In fact, the instrument is in pretty remarkable condition compared to some that we have seen. The Florentine cutaway design allows easy access to the upper fret range and the instrument is very comfortable to hold. This guitar has spent some years in the case resting and now it deserves to be given a new home and appreciated for the excellent instrument that it truly is.

This instrument is documented in the BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archive.


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