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Campellone electric guitar no.45, related information.

an e-mail from Mark Campellone:

From: Mark Campellone
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003
To: Harry at BunnyBass
Re: early guitar

Hi Harry,

I've collected some thoughts about #45 that I could pass on to you. First, I must congratulate you on correctly identifying most of the woods used in constructing the instrument. One of the things I really enjoyed about building solid bodies was that it gave me the opportunity to indulge my love of woods. I used many types of beautifully figured woods for the top laminates of my solid bodies. The bookmatched crotch-grain walnut top laminate set used on #45 was one that I'd been saving for a long time. The body wings are, as you said, figured cherry, and you were right about the neck laminations, too - curly maple and purpleheart. I can't remember, and I can't tell from the pictures, exactly what the rear peghead veneer is - probably Indian rosewood or Macassar ebony. The front peghead veneer is redwood burl. The finish on the guitar is actually a clear epoxy.

The rotary controls were a master volume at one end, treble roll-off at the other, and the middle knob was actually a separate volume control for the middle pickup, so that it could be blended with the other two. I don't recall clearly what all the mini-toggles were. There might have been three position toggle, which activated the neck and bridge pickups (either or both, like a Gibson). There may also have been a switch to throw one of the pickups out of phase. And the other mini-toggles were coil cutters.

I'm sure you can see from the design of this guitar that I was very influenced by Alembic. I really liked their instruments back then, and still do.

This instrument was one that I had built for myself, and I played it quite a bit back then, when I was still working as a musician. It was a very special instrument for me, one of the most beautiful pieces I've built. I almost wish that I still owned it.

Between 1977 and 1992 I built just over 100 solid body instruments - the vast majority of them being electric bass guitars. Perhaps one day you'll come across one of them.

Well Harry, I suppose I've babbled long enough. I hope you find the information of interest. If I can be of further help, let me know.

Thanks again for getting in touch, best of luck with your business.



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