igor bunny

Are you scared yet? Did you notice how this page is black (oooh..scary) and the picture of the door has an eerie glow to it? (also very scary) Now imagine the sound of thunder, rain, and maybe the opening bars of 'Black Sabbath'... *grrhh...grrhh...GGRRRRHHHHH!!!!* k, sorry. i'll stop now.

Anywaaay, several of you have e-mailed me about how you like our bunny logo (thank you). Others of you have asked me where we got all those bass playing bunnies. Actually, we engineered all of them in Photoshop - I found a Japanese sticker-sheet with 1" tall bunnies on them. Jon scanned those and then 'Photoshopped' them to give the bunnies basses. I watched him do it - kinda intriguing. He had to 'make' new bunny parts (like arms) that would 'match' the bunnies and make them look like they were playing or holding stuff. Kinda neat (we're still waiting for a cease and desist letter from Sanrio!). But there were...err...mistakes made too. Before we successfully created the final version of our Bunny, several monsters were created. Call them genetic mutants, or freaks, or whatever. If you have a taste for the bizarre (and if you think you can stomach the sheer monotony of looking at 18 variations on the theme of slightly mutant bunnies), I invite you to visit our cabinet of freakish curiosities - enter the BunnyBass BassBunny freakshow...


freaky bunny 1

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