Product:  Saya Snow Pea Crisps
Country of origin:  We forgot to look. I think they're from Japan...?
What it is:  Potato chip-like food that's shaped like a peapod.
How we got it:  Nancy bought it (of course)
Cost:  Dollar-something.
Package Design:  C (nice color, ugly pea-man)
Taste:  A (one of our favorite TV snack foods)


Jenn: "I like these. I can eat a lot of these. This is how all styrofoam should taste."

Mimi: "I don't like the mascot. It gives me the creeps."

Nancy: "Hey these are really good. They have a kinda...i dunno..."meaty" taste to em. They don't taste like snow peas though."

Nancy: "I like how they're so soft. A soft crunchiness. I could get addicted to just the texture of them. And when you suck on them they sorta just melt. I could eat these forever."

Jenn: "Man, this stuff really gets between your teeth...I'm really stuffing my mouth..."

Mimi: "That's funny - it says here that there's dried tuna extract in here. I can't taste it."


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