meiji candy

Product:  assorted Meiji Candies (5 pack - Yogurt, Fruit, Milk, Marbled (?) Chocolate, Hi-Lemon)
Country of origin:  Japan.
Ingredients:  We dunno - it's written in Japanese.
How we got it:  Nancy bought it.
Cost:  $1.90
Package design:  A-
Taste : B (overall)

  • Maile: "Variety pack candy - reminds me of those Kellog's packs. I like those. I think I'm going to like this."
  • Jon: "I like anything that comes packaged like that - multipacks are good."
  • Mimi: "I'm starting to think I like anything with cartoons on it."

    Yogurt flavor: "Mmm! Good! Tangy!"
    "This tastes like Calpis....except it's Skittle shaped. I like this."
    "It's kinda too hard though"
    "If you just suck on it, and move it around on your tongue, the taste gets kinda close to soap. But not quite..."
    "They taste like those little korean plastic bottle drink things..."

    Fruit: "Oo - sorta like jellybeans, only much chewier."
    "The lemon one is yucky."
    "Mm..springy. I like the chewyness of it. It's kinda like in between a jellybead and a gummybear. It's more gummybear, but it looks like a jellybean"
    "The pink one is good, I like the pink one - it's peach."

    Milk: "Oh, hard!!"
    "This is like the powdered milk! Disgusting!"
    "I actually like this one..."
    "Powdery something in a hard candy shell - I don't like this one."

    Marbled Chocolate: "I know these!! I love these ones!! These are better than M&Ms!!"
    "Really really smooth, these are good."
    "Hey these are the things that come in the plastic tubes right? Those are hard to find. I hardly see those anymore."
    "The chocolate is kinda in between sweet and semi-sweet. Just right."
    "The dog on the package is so cute."
    "I like the pastel colors so much better than the M&M colors."
    "Kinda too sweet. I need water."

    Hi-Lemon: "Sour!"
    "This one taste likes a coughdrop - those Nice ones."
    "I like the way it's cruncy, but the flavor isn't so good."

  • Jon: "Overall I like this candies. Good variety - really different textures and really different flavors for real. Kinda expensive though."
  • Mimi: "I like the activity of separating the boxes, then opening each one separately. I also like the way all the boxes are the same size but they look different."
  • Maile: "This is good friends food."

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