Product:  Longan. Dehydrated Longan.
Country of origin:  Thailand.
Ingredients:  Longan.
How we got it:  Nancy bought it.
Cost:  $1.99
Package design:  B+ (Jon); C- (Everyone else)
Taste:  A (according to Nancy) "I'm making this for everybody." C+ (Mimi)

  • Nancy: "I really like this - you can make drinks with it. You can cook with it, like...a sweet rice dish."
  • Jon: "I like the box. Looks dingy, like it was sitting on the store shelves since the early 70's."
  • Mimi: "...the mark on the back of the box left by some long lost rubberband gives me a really sad, empty, and slightly lonely feeling."
  • Maile: "I'm not sure about that picture on the front. It doens't make me...hungry. The longan themselves...kinda...ugly."
  • Mimi: "Tastes like a...big raisin...a little bit...cept I think I like raisins better."

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