hai hain

Product:  Hai-hain. A wafer-like snack.
Country of origin:  Japan.
Ingredients:  Rice, potato starch, sugar, salt, nonfat dry milk, wheat flour.
How we got it:  Nancy bought it.
Cost:  $1.80
Package Design:  A
Taste:  D-

  • Nancy: "If you go like this *puts wafer on tongue* - it makes your tongue tingly."
  • Jon: "It tastes like...nothing. No flavor. But my taste buds are dead, so maybe there's flavor. Is there flavor here or is it just me? I feel like I'm eating air."
  • Mimi: "This is like shrip chips without the shrip. Who eats this stuff? It's like eating a styrofoam peanut."
  • Nancy: "I can taste something. It's faint. Maybe it's for small children?"

    hai hain "This package is really beautiful. I like the way they use the translucency - very pretty."
    "Makes me want to buy it."
    "The bunny is cute, the milk bottles are cute - the colors are nice."
    "That bunny has a sweet face."
    "I wouldn't buy this again."

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