choco pencils

Product:  Choco pencils, a chocolate candy in the form of pencils and wrapped in foil.
Country of origin:  Japan.
Ingredients:  Milk chocolate.
How we got it:  Nancy bought it.
Cost:  $1.40
Package design:  B+
Taste:  A

  • Jon: "Wow, this is expensive - $1.40 for four chocolate pencils?"
  • Mimi: "Mmm...this chocolate is really yummy. Very creamy. I can eat a million of these."
  • Nancy: "I really like this chocolate - it's better than Hershy's and all that American stuff. But they're unfulfilling - they're too small, you know? Maybe for children. Really small children..."
  • Maile: "They almost remind me of chocolate pudding."
  • Jon: "Pencils don't make me hungry. Why are they shaped like pencils? I don't get it. The card is cute though"

    "Kinda too busy..." 
    "Moon harvest festival - cute! Look at the bunny pounding mochi in the moon! Ha!" 
    "That Milky girl can't seem to get her tongue in her mouth - isn't that odd?" 
    "We need more pencils here..."

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