Product:  Fuka-fuka Banana (pronouned "foo-ka foo-ka", not the other way...).
Country of origin:  Japan.
What it is:  Light wafer, filled with banana flavored foamy stuff.
How we got it:  Nancy bought it (Nancy buys a lot of these things...)
Cost:  85 cents
Package Design:  B+
Taste:  F


Jenn: "That's a cute banana. Just goes to show that you can make anything cute by putting a smiley-face on it. I think the Japanese are the best at making inanimate objects adorable - how do they do it?"

Mimi: "85 cents? Man this candy better be good..."

Mimi: "The face on that banana looks like Pat the Bunny. So I like it."

Nancy: "Oooh! You can really smell the banana! Can you smell it? It's that fake banana smell!"

Nancy: "I don't like it. I like the outside part. It reminds me of nutter-butter. The inside is weird - you know that powdered milk. It has a milky flavor but also a weird banana flavor too. It's kinda nasty. It's dry and brittle and...yuck, it's like eating powdered banana milk. Now i'm thirsty."

Jenn: "This isn't very banana-ish. And it's too light. I like candy with more substance. Eating this candy makes me feel like I'm on the moon."

Jenn: "This sucks. I give this one an F, except for the package, there's nothing I like about this one. It even looks stupid. I'm really disappointed in Morinaga - their candy is usually really good."

Mimi: "It's been over an hour since I ate that thing and I still have that fake banana taste in my mouth. How revolting."


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