Product:  Animal Milk Chocolate
Country of origin:  Japan.
What it is:  Bite sized chocolate with a cookie stick up the animals' ass.
How we got it:  Nancy bought it (of course)
Cost:  $2.99
Package Design:  B
Taste:  We couldn't reach a compromise on this one... Nancy and Mimi: C, Jenn: A


Jenn: "I don't like it that the yogurt (white) and strawberry (pink) bears use the same mold. It makes me feel ripped off. For $3, they coulda made one more mold. That really sucks."

Mimi: "The animals are cute."

Nancy: "How are animals with sticks up their ass 'cute'?"

Jenn: "I like the pig best. It's a raccoon. Whatevers."

Nancy: "Mmmmmm - I love this kind of chocolate. It's really creamy. And it smells good. I'm talking about the back-side chocolate. The strawberry one I mean...I dunno..."

Jenn: "Okay, the cookie is nice afterall - goes well with the chocolate. But I can't believe this cost $3. There should be twice as many animals in this fucking bag."

Mimi: "I think they could do away with the cookie. Wasting good chocolate space. The cookie is for candy-wussies who don't want to dirty their fingers..."

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