BunnyBass Field Trip: 2003 NAMM show, page 9.

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Daisy Rock Guitars. The Daisy Rock people had a good-sized booth with lots of colorful instruments to look at and play. The instruments are an interesting blend of both playful and traditional shapes, bright colors, and some imaginative combinations of cute inlays and (somewhat) non-traditional materials. For example, in addition to the more well known flower and heart shaped instruments, Daisy Rock also makes some pretty cool DC Les Paul special and semi-hollow models, some with mother-of-toilet seat tops and faux abalone inlay all around. Pretty nice! They're made in Korea, and have surprisingly nice build quality for the price. We didn't get to play any of them amplified though, so we can't comment on the sound. If you want to check them out, they're described on their website as the Stardust series.

Here's one of our favorite NAMM show pictures of Harry, seen here getting in touch with the adolescent-girl side of his personality.

Here's a picture of Nancy with the Daisy Rock guitar Power Puff Girls model. They also had a pretty cool-looking Mojo Jojo model too. Nancy: "It's cute, but it isn't really balanced properly and so the neck feels heavy." The shiny vinyl strap was cool though - trashy yet chic! Strangely enough, these instruments seem equally appropriate for children just beginning on the instrument but we can also see them being very popular with exotic dancers. But perhaps we're wrong.

Harry seemed to really get into the whole Daisy Rock thing, even wanting his picture taken with the oversize Barbie display. Nancy was less amused (clearly visible in the picture, left). Says Nancy, "Dolls are creepy."

[ www.daisyrock.com ]

King Doublebass. These were easily some of the coolest basses we saw at NAMM. A small company based in Costa Mesa, California, the folks from King Doublebass brought a group of basses with a variety of finishes, all of them simply gorgeous. It's impossible to see in these small photos but the basses have the most awesome metal flake and pearl finishes under handpainted flames and/or pinstripes. Real artist-grade work, just as nice as the prettiest SoCal Lowriders! These basses are top quality touring basses and are built to be as rugged as possible for road use without sacrificing sound. We definately liked what we saw - A+ for product and presentation!

[ www.kingdoublebass.com ]

Burrell acoustic bass guitar. This acoustic bass by Burrell Guitars certainly was interesting. None of the surfaces seemed to run parallel to any other, and the final effect was of an instrument that bends and twists to conform to the shape of your body. It was actually very ergonomic and sat nicely in playing position, and the neck also sits naturally at a very comfortable angle too. The sound was 'okay' - not good but also not bad, but the real shortcoming of this instrument was in its construction. There was a lot of glue and filler visible everywhere, and the internal construction also looked very sloppy. Granted, a bass with this many angles has got to be extremely difficult to construct, but still, the construction was unacceptable even for an experimental & entry-level instrument. Perhaps it was a prototype, we don't know (we hung around for a while but were pretty much ignored at this booth). The idea certainly seems promising though, hopefully we'll be able to see a more refined version later.

[ www.burrellguitars.com ]

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