hughforik and quankung, part II...

today is june 6, 2001. it's been almost two years since the whole pedulla fiasco - the whole thing seems like a distant (bad) memory. but guess what? today i get an e-mail from a guy named mark. he writes:

"I read your story about the 'hughforik' dude - very interesting. Anyway, because I obviously have too much time on my hands, I decided to plug their email addresses into Ebay's search engine, just to have a look at their feedback. They've both changed their Ebays id's (he's now axe-king, and she's !**!), but the thing is this - she's leaving feedback for him! Thought you might be interested."

wow, that IS interesting! so i went poking around ebay for a bit (just out of curiosity), and yep, sure enough, that person is still doing the routine. someone else had told me that 'hughforik' and 'quankung' are also known as 'onlychoicegear', but now it seems that we can add 'axe-king' and '!**!' to the list. i've never seen so many positive feedbacks unassociated with auctions. for example, of ass-king's 24 positive feedbacks, only half (12) are actually linked to completed auctions. so who are all these people so willing to leave positive feedback for The King? hmm. one feedback comment was left by '!**!' ("Fabulous Email/phone. REAL $ REAL FAST! Not enough space for all stars deserved!"), and two are from 'onlychoicegear':

      "TEN ZILLION STARS! Highest possible score . You can trust this guy!"


"A diehard Gibson fan willing to pay LARGE prompt $ for A1 quality. Trust him!"

      ...and of course axe-king has left positive feedback for onlychoicegear too:

"WOW! I AM IMPRESSED-that takes alot! Very rare guitar-better than represented!"

yup, a real lameass.

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