This is Spencer and his special Alembic - all you folks with neck diving Alembics might want to read this:

"The Balance Point body is a new body style that was designed by Mica Wickersham at Alembic. My bass is actually the very first 5 string made with the Balance Point body. The reason for this new shape and style is just what you were talking about. The traditional Alembic Series I and II basses were never designed to be built as 5 and 6 string instruments. When built as a 5 or 6 string, the basses became very neck heavy. This body style changes the "balance point" to make the bass less neck heavy. I was fortunate enough to be ordering my bass when Mica was getting ready to try and resolve this problem so we collaborated on the design and I agreed to be the "guinea pig". The bass is not particularly neck heavy but it is heavy overall. It's very easy to play and it sounds incredible. It also has specially wound pickups that make it sound more like the pickups on the Series II basses...It's supposed to be added to the Alembic catalog sometime in the future."

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