finally - a picture of long time bunnybasser The Shatt!

and that's his $17.31 jazz bass...

"At my last Army Band, in Alabama, I managed to make off with a TC
Electronics Chorus/Flanger/Pitch Shifter. Awesome pedal: I used it twice!
Well, having a $300 stomp box that never gets used conflicted with my sense
of thrift, ornery New Englander that I am. There was this guy on the net
that had a MIM Jazz Bass he'd "butchered" and he wanted $180. I was broke so
I offered the pedal as a trade and after some hemming and hawing, he agreed.
My actual cost was the $4.31 it was to ship the pedal to New York. I got the
bass, a Fender hard case, a new set of Dimarzio Model J's, and an EMG BTC.
Everything was wired up wrong and the truss rod was cranked all the way
down! I gutted it and stuck in the old PU's from my 70's Jazz and the pickguard
came from that "Strings For Cheap" guy at bassgear($10+$3 s/h). And it got
Straplocks too. Not bad, eh? Old school."

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