here's ryann's stuff... (*one half of the LinaV twins, the other half being Andrea) the text is courtesy of ryann, included together with the email that carried these pics to us:

HowD!! Okays, here's some pix of my stuff, and a bit of Andrea's stuff *the kitty, and the Line6 POD* ^.^ If you could put it in the "bassists and their pets" page, with the following text under each picture, that'd be like totally coolios!!

Here's our stuff ^.^ sorry about the mess lol. We normally have it clean, but we were just kinda messing around today n stuff. When Andrea wants to play, she takes the green cord, plugz it into the POD, and then takes the black cord, and plugz it into the amp. She doesn't have her own amp, but i suppose it's okay if she uses mine ^.^

We got this from our mumzy. She got a Bose Wave Radio, and decided to give this to us for free! how awesome is that? The two speakers that my amp is in between came with it too ^.^

And here's our lil friend who watches us play, while going deaf sitting on top of the speaker. Andrea got it as a Christmas present. Isn't it cute? ^.^

And here's my bass ^.^ It's an ibanez GSR100, which i converted to a 200 by adding the J style pickup. I later on upgraded the pickups to EMG, thanks to Mr. David King :o) Pretty soon, it's going to have a fretless neck on it with a Ken Lawrence style headstock, handcrafted by mr. Ken Francis of Sonic Bass ^.^

This is our birdy! Her name is Magic, and she's a 5 year old cockateil. ^.^ I watched her hatch, and it was like "magic" at that moment, cuz she moved right into my hands, and fell asleep lol. Well it wasn't really magical. It was more like icky, cuz she was featherless, and transparent >.< but u get the idea lol. She has the intelegance of a 2 year old, and loves to cause trouble lol.
^.^ and that's it!

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