greg campbell

here's a photograph of greg campbell and his magic floating 9 string bass (which is, i'm assuming, more difficult to float than a 4 string bass?). he's the bassist for the band 'kick start chubby' (i guess you can ask him about that name...). this nifty/creepy photo came with some amusing comments that i enjoyed, and i thought i should share it with you - i think it shows a comforting level of healthy calm and self-introspection regarding basses & levitation:
"...I also discovered yesterday, that I must have some sort of a fetish about the floating bass. Without ever noticing it until yesterday I discovered and recalled that this is the third professional photo I've had taken over the years where the bass is floating in mid air in one way or another...

Now for that I will seek therapy, now that I have realized I spend more time trying to magically levitate my bass, and coming up with new ways to do it than I do working on more important things ... like scales! LOL, any way, I hope you like it!

Gregory Bruce Campbell

Visit Greg and his floating bass at fusion extraordinaire, Mikhal Caldwell's site...

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