Here's a picture of our pal Eric with his unique F-bass. Not only is it a lovely and unusual Gold Ceruse finish, but it also has, um, a "few additional electronics" added to it:
"...A previous owner installed a set of Alembic electronics along with the stock F Bass electronics. The Alembics run parallel to the stock electronics. There is a 6-way selector allowing you to send different pickups to different sets of electronics. Each set of electronics has its own volume control. The output is stereo so I have the choice of sending a blended mono signal, split stereo signal or a dual mono send. Pretty excessive. It requires an external battery pack to power everything. I can pretty well simulate a P bass, active Jazz, MM, Alembic tenor bass, and so on... This is the inside cavity. (below right) You'll understand why it requires an external power supply once you see this. Whomever did the modifications cut the circuit boards up and made little "sandwiches"..."
Impressed? I still can't believe how many wires are packed into that cavity...

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