this is cool. i'm wanting a bunny suit myself. is that bass fuzzy too?

>>Hi Mimi,
>It's me again. Wow, I'm glad I'm on the clock. I'm spending hours at your site.
>Enclosed is a bad picture of me playing my furry 2-string bass.
>I'm in a Star Trek punk rock band, and this is me dressed as the
>Mugatu (the white furry horned ape that attacks Kirk in an episode).
>>It was a regular 4-string bass (cheapo Fender knock-off), but I broke
>the E-string tuning knob off throwing it around while playing. I just
>lowered the other strings down a notch, but then I thought 2 strings
>are funnier than 3, so I ditched the G-string.
>I'd like to submit it for your basses and their pets section.
>There's more stuff about the band, No Kill I, at
>Thanks for entertaining me and several co-workers for hours.
>--Dave uh... "Smith"

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