good golly, this cowboy guy looks serious. he's bob rutherford, of the dallas moore band. and he's here to kick your ass. just kidding. for those of you who don't know, the dallas moore band is kinda like a cross between "Waylon Jennings (pre-1974 when he still had a bad cocaine habit) and The Sex Pistols..." - whoa! sounds good. actually, i've chatted with bob a coupla times via e-mail and he's a cool guy. and look, he's got one of those shiny chrome naked girl things you stick on the mud flap of your 18 wheeler, cept it's not on a truck, it's on his dano! wow! this picture is actually a publicity shot that was taken when he had an endorsement deal with the dano folks. now he's playing other stuff, but it's still a cool pic! ^_^

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