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the Toilet Guitar..

toilet guitarr

Okay, I don't think this one needs much narration. This little gem was brought to our attention by our pal Andy way over there in Canada (Hi Andy! *waves*), and although it isn't a bass, I nonetheless felt compelled to share this work of art with you. It is, in my opinion, the very definition of amusing. I especially appreciate the attention to detail - the toilet-appropriate hardware, the toilet paper strap (which actually looks pretty comfy to me), the realistic turd (I almost used the phrase 'life-like'! Yikes!) pick-up mount. Andy tells me that a bass version is available - I know a certain bass player out there who can hardly contain himself (no pun intended). Right, Keith?

"Fender USA Short Scale Bass"

fender short scale bass

okay...now...hm...*sigh* this one just kinda leaves me speechless. i actually found someone on ebay trying to sell this 'bass' (can anyone really call this a bass?). here's the description that went along with it:

"Fender USA Short Scale Bass, Low Reserve. Bass made from altered early '70s Musicmaster bass neck and early '80s Lead body. Schaller dual coil pickup wired in series. Tone control fades second coil in and out for tonal variation. Location of bridge allows easy flat-picking for which this bass sounds absolutely fabulous. Original finish peeling off of swamp ash body for nice rustic vibe. Neck is totally stripped for fast action..."

this is something that i just don't get. maybe it's me, but the casual way in which this totally whack piece of doo-doo is referred to as having a 'nice rustic vibe' or 'fast action' just blows my mind. i mean, look at that headstock - ugh! i'm just trying to imagine someone out there in the ebay 'community' reading the description and looking at the pictures and gently nodding their head in smiling approval: "Mmm...sweet..." *laugh* wow. but hey, i guess i'm not hip to the latest in lameass bass trends or something because there was 15 (count em!) bids for this gem (now i dunno if that's 15 separate people or just a few who were fiercely fighting for this because they absolutely HAD to have it...). the final selling price was $82.52 - pretty good for something that i wouldn't use as a doorstop or...i dunno...something to do with ass-jamming? (jon's idea, not mine) ah, nevermind. i still can't believe it....15 bids! *laughing til my sides hurt*,   ~mimi  (9.10.99)

Armen 8 String Bass

armen 8 string

Hmm. Hmmmmm.... I'm actually kinda intrigued by this picture. Someone sent it to me with no explanation of what it is, how it's meant to be played, or any other bit of information. Hmm!

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