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amused bunny

Amusing* Bass/Guitars!
*amusing to 'us', under certain conditions, and for whatever reason(s). if you wish to disagree, please feel free.

welcome to the BunnyBass archive of amusing basses! some may just be weird-looking, some are somewhat odd-but-pleasant, and still others may make you almost physically ill. what's funny is how fine a fine line (if any) exists between these various reactions. but more than anything else, this collection of the strange and surprising serves as a constant reminder that there are as many different kinds of instruments as there are musicians to play them. just about all these pictures were sent in by visitors to BunnyBass. thanks to everyone who've sent us stuff to post! hope you are amused!

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BunnyBass amusing guitar...

"grrr...i am pretending to be a tiger...i am pretending to be sexy - do you see this absurd expression on my face? it means that i want to have sex with you....grrr...i have big hair."
(picture 'appropriated' from an auction on ebay, interpretative visual translation provided courtesy of mimi)

Tiger Jazz Bass

tiger bass

Yet another Ebay gem. Ebay has the best (i.e., worst) stuff ever. I'm actually kind of bored by the bass itself ("tiger=power=you rock" - that's pretty simple) but I do like the photograph as a whole. I mean, I wonder who this woman is. Is that really her bass? Why did she get that enormous blue tiger painted on her bass in the first place? How's she gonna rock when her tiger-bass is gone? Will she be as cool without it? Will her leather jacket and shades really be enough? Do people really sell more basses by getting pretty girls to pose with the basses? ...duh.

Fender Eagle Bass

custom eagle bass

Are you getting an incredible urge to salute your computer monitor right about now? When I see images like this the theme song to those Chevy Truck commercials automatically starts up in my head ("...Like a rock...blah blah blah"). I guess this is what people call a 'Stage Bass'. I don't think I'd want something like this to just pull out and practice around the house - seems kinda like...'excessive' or something. *shrug* Who would be attracted to a bass like this? I mean, what kind of concert would you see this bass at? I seriously don't know. But you know why I think this picture is really neat? I think it's something about the interaction between the Bald Eagle, the Flag, and the mini-parade of Corporate Banking symbols on the bottom. It just seems kinda deep to me somehow. Oh well, whatevers.

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