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BunnyBass represents: Fodera.

From a review of an Anthony Jackson Signature 6 string: "...and how does it sound? Well, there are a tremendous amount of sounds available here... The bass is very touch sensitive so you'd better work on your technique, because you'll be able to hear everything that's coming from your hands... I won't comment much on the construction and carving of this bass here. I've already noted in our previous reviews of other Foderas that we consider Vinnie Fodera and Joey Lauricella principals among a very small elite that define the highest levels of quality and innovation in the bass world. The phrase 'master luthier' tends to be thrown around a lot these days, and this only serves to blur the distinction between the level of craftsmanship reflected in instruments like this one and lesser instruments. This blurring works for marketing purposes only - when you see and play a Fodera bass in person the differences are obvious. Enough said...."     ~BunnyBass review, 2002.

If you are interested in ordering a custom Fodera, please feel free to send us an e-mail. Harry at BunnyBass-NYC is only a few minutes from the Fodera shop. It's a short trip to visit Vinnie and Joey, where together they'll help you select the perfect woods for your bass as well as attend to all the other details that goes to into creating a once-in-a-lifetime instrument.

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Options: (This is only a partial listing - others may be available, so please inquire.)

Models: Emperor, Emperor II, Imperial, Monarch, Signature Models (Anthony Jackson, David Beasley, Lincoln Goines, Matthew Garrison, Victor Wooten).

Variants: fretted and fretless, 4, 5, and 6 string, single or double cutaway.

Body woods: generally ash, alder, or mahogany, but other woods are sometimes used.

Top woods: many available, including buckeye burl, horse chestnut, figured koa, macasar ebony, crotch walnut, Brazilian rosewood, figured redwood, figured maple, bubinga, purpleheart, zebrawood, and so on.

Finishes: generally satin, although a variety of high-gloss transparent colors and burts are also available.

Other options:
Mike Pope designed active preamp with 3 band EQ.
various pickup choices available, including Seymour Duncan single coil jazz pickups and Fodera Custom Shop dual coil pickups.
bolt-on, set-in, or neck-through construction.
5-piece necks.
extended fingerboards.
fingerboard of various woods.
finger ramps between pickups.
wood covers for pickups.
solid tops.
matching headstock.
custom inlays - block inlays, purfling, binding, or other designs.
carved wood tops.
custom neck profiles, scale length, and spacing.

Website: [ www.fodera.com ]

Availability: [ view the list of instruments currently in stock ]

Please feel free to email us or fill out the custom order worksheet if you'd like to discuss the creation of a custom Fodera bass. Harry at our BunnyBass-NYC location regularly visits the Fodera shop and is ready to help you create your dream bass.

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